Mr Charles Taschereau

President, AEM Canada & AEM Technologies

MSc (Mining), MSc (Sustainability), MBA, CPA

Previously, COO at Orbite. Prior to that, was CEO of Congo Equipment and President at Canada Lithium, where he led the feasibility study, financing and construction of its lithium project in Québec.

Ms Rachel Girard

Finance Director, AEM Canada & AEM Technologies

B.Sc Acc, CPA, CPA Audit

Over 20 years of experience. Previously CFO of startup, Controller and Financial Manager of large public corporations and 10 years for Deloitte.

Mr Dirk Demuth

Head of Marketing

PhD (Inorganic Chemistry & Materials Science)

Broad international business experience from leading BASF's global mobile emission catalyst business unit, including Asian joint ventures, in the very dynamic automotive market space to heading the world-wide research and development organization for heterogeneous catalysis.

Prior cofounder and CEO of a technology company, financing growth and establishing a globally recognized high throughput experimentation company, hte AG in Heidelberg, Germany.

Dr Neal White

Senior Battery Specialist

PhD (Chemistry)

More than 35 years’ R&D experience with several UK and USA companies in the battery industry covering fundamental electrochemistry along with anode, cathode, and separator development of many primary and secondary battery chemistries Implementation of research results to battery production for performance improvements and cost reduction. Has held many senior scientist positions within the battery manufacturing industry.

Mr Sylvain Seyer

Engineering Manager, AEM Canada

B.Eng (Chem)

Chemical Engineer, with over 35 years’ experience in metallurgical production, plant designs and plant commissioning. Previously worked as VP Mining and Metallurgy for a midsize engineering firm.

Ms Sophie Lepage

Chief Engineer, AEM Canada

BSc (Chemical Engineering), M.Sc (Civil Engineering)

Close to 10 years’ experience in the development, piloting and commissioning of the Cap-Chat plant, first with Orbite and latterly AEM.

Mr Almamy Barry

Senior Process Engineer, AEM Canada

BSc (Chemical engineering)

12 years of experience, including 4 for Orbite and latterly AEM. Previously worked in aluminium production (BHP) and fluidized beds (zinc and nickel with Glencore).

Mr Michel Arsenault

Production Manager, AEM Canada

Process plant production veteran, initially appointed as production superintendent at Cap-Chat in Nov 2012. The Cap-Chat plant has achieved an enviable 6-year LTI free period at while under his supervision. Several start-ups to his credit in pulp and paper, magnesium and alumina.

Dr Ebrahim Alizadeh

R&D Manager, AEM Technologies

PhD (Chemical Engineering)

Over 15 years’ experience in engineering, mostly in research and development. Has spent over 9 years working on all aspects of HPA production with Orbite and latterly AEM.

Mr Belkacem El Idrissi

Analytical Lab Manager, AEM Technologies

BSc (Industrial chemistry), MSc (Environment & industry)

18 years of experience in commercial and private analytical labs in Morocco, France and Canada; including 3 years for Orbite and latterly AEM.