Directors and Management

Mr Julian Ford

CEO & Managing Director

BEng (Chem), BCom, Dipl. BM

Identified and led the opportunity to acquire and rectify the Canadian HPA assets. Has held several executive positions over the last 15 years including Executive Director & CEO at Gulf Minerals, Executive Chairman at Black Mountain Minerals, Managing Director at Sumatra Copper & Gold plc and Managing Director at Zambezi Resources

Mr Mick Adams

Executive Director

CEng, MICE, MA (Engineering), MBA

Nearly 40 years of business experience in the development and financing of major projects and new business initiatives in both sponsor and advisory roles, having worked for several multinational corporations and advisory firms. He is a past Chairman of the Shanghai Chapter of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

Mr Tim Fletcher

Executive Director

BSc (Estate Management)

Experienced in overseeing commercial property development covering various international locations including Mexico, London, Hong Kong and China. Also an advisor for Mainland China & Australia in the area of mining and minerals.

Mr John Fletcher

Non-Executive Chairman


Former Executive Director of Trafalgar House plc and Executive Vice President of Kvaerner A/S with extensive international experience overseeing major projects including construction, property, energy and finance. Has held numerous senior executive and nonexecutive roles in his 55+ year career.

Mr Hans Bohi

Non-Executive Director

BSc (Agr Eng)

Swiss national who manages a century old family business active in hydro power production and electric utility operations and commercial real estate in Switzerland and in agricultural and forestry real estate in Switzerland, the USA and Australia.

Ms Rachel Wong

CFO & Co. Secretary

BCom, MCom, CPA

Prior to joining Gulf, began her career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and served as CFO and Company Secretary with two publicly listed Australian companies for over 10 years.