AEM Canada Group Inc (AEM Canada) was formed in early 2020 to acquire the assets of Orbite Technologie Inc. (Orbite"), an innovative and technical pioneer in the research and development of the Chlorine Leach, Crystallization Purification ("CLCP") process for producing high purity alumina ("HPA").

Over a 10-year period, Orbite spent over C$250 million developing a suite of patents associated with the CLCP process, prior to developing a pilot plant at Cap Chat, in the Gaspésie region of Quebec, Canada. The cumulative capital investment at Cap Chat by the time it was acquired by AEM Canada in 2020 was around C$140 million.

The CLCP process technology allows the production of high-purity products for high-end applications such as electronics, energy and materials. AEM Canada has mapped out a continuous process improvement plan for Cap Chat to expand the plant's production capacity of HPA while simultaneously improving product quality, reducing acid consumption and transitioning to a near zero carbon emission, energy consumption plan.