AEM owns three highly prospective kaolin deposits in Cape York peninsula, collectively the Kendall River Kaolin Project (“Project”) that  are especially suitable as a source of kaolin for use in a range of high value niche applications, including the production of HPA.

The Project comprises a Mineral Development License, a Mining Lease and six Exploration Permits for Minerals, that cover an area of over 182,000 hectares, on the west of Cape York in Northern Queensland.

The JORC 2012 Resource Exploration Target is 29–36 Mt of contained kaolin at a cut-off grade of 25% to 35% within 30 metres of surface, all within MDL 469.

In addition to being very large in size, the Project’s kaolin exhibits several attractive characteristics, including high reactivity, very fine particle size ( 90% passing 2 µm) and very low sodium. It is also readily amenable to physical benefication.