High Purity Alumina (HPA)

AEM is targeting the 99.99% purity (“4N”) and 99.999% purity (“5N”) HPA markets.

HPA is an extremely pure form of aluminium oxide. It has become a strategically important speciality mineral, which commands premium prices.

Alumina is valued by industrial customers for its excellent properties specifically in the areas of chemical stability, its very high melting point, a high mechanical strength and hardness, as well as having good thermal conductivity but high electrical insulation.

HPA is used to produce synthetic sapphires, which are essential for the manufacture of components used in LED’s, semiconductors and “state of the art” optical devices. HPA also has unique physical and chemical properties critical for phosphor compounds and advanced ceramic coatings.

HPA and synthetic sapphires are used in many disruptive, high growth technologies. These high growth rates are forecast to continue over the medium to long term. Purity determines demand, price and application.

With its own high purity product, AEM will target Synthetic Sapphire Crystals manufacturers catering to the emerging Micro-LED manufacturers, as well as Lithium-ion batteries for the Electric Vehicle market which represents the largest potential growth sector for HPA demand over the coming decade.