Cap Chat Canada

AEM’s subsidiary, AEM Canada Group Inc ("AEM Canada"), owns and operates the Cap Chat HPA Process Plant, located in Quebec Canada.

The Cap Chat plant uses AEM’s patented Chlorine Leach, Crystallization Purification ("CLCP") process to make 99.99% (“4N”) and 99.999% (“5N”) pure High Purity Alumina ("HPA"), and aims to be the preferred supplier of HPA to the world's new Electric Vehicle's Lithium Ion Battery (“EV-LIB”) giga-factories and global LED manufacturers.

AEM acquired the Cap Chat plant from Orbite Technologies Inc ("Orbite) in April 2020 as a part of a transaction to acquire all Orbite's assets and technology. Orbite had previously spent more than C$130 million on the facility.

The plant was refurbished by AEM in 2020, with the Company successfully rectifying engineering shortcomings that had previously caused issues for Orbite.  AEM has also successfully completed trials in Germany to post treat its HPA product to produce a very tight particle size distribution of super fine HPA. 

Having successfully commissioned the Cap Chat Plant, AEM is now  in off take discussions with potential customers in Europe and North America. Its HPA is expected to be in high demand in the rapidly expanding EV-LIB Sector, as well as among the world’s leading manufacturers on LEDs including the high-growth Micro-LED sector.

Subject to final funding, full commercial production is scheduled to start in Q3 2021.