Aluminium Derivatives

Using its patented Chlorine Leach, Crystallization Purification (CLCP) process, AEM is now manufacturing  alumina at purities up to 99.999% (5N HPA) at its production plant in Cap-Chat, Quebec, which it is marketing under the SupALOXTM brand. Currently in trial production, AEM expects to ramp Cap-Chat up towards its full, 1,000 tpa capacity in 2022. Subsequent plans envisage capacity expansion at Cap-Chat and the establishment of other production facilities elsewhere.

The effectiveness and high resource efficiency of the CLCP process combined with the use of renewable sources for all energy needs (hydroelectricity in the case of Cap-Chat) already puts SupALOXTM high purity alumina well ahead of the market in terms of both purity and environmental performance, and yet achieves a competitive product price. AEM aims to achieve similar or better quality, environmental and cost performance at all its future production sites and to establish SupALOXTM high purity alumina as a benchmark for excellence.

High purity alumina is valued for its chemical stability, very high melting point, high mechanical strength and hardness, and good thermal conductivity but high electrical insulation. It is a strategically important speciality mineral, having uses in many disruptive, high growth technologies where purity determines demand, price and application. For example, it is used to produce synthetic sapphire, which is essential for the manufacture of LEDs, semiconductors and “state of the art” optical devices. Its unique physical and chemical properties also have critical uses in phosphor compounds and advanced ceramic coatings.

With its exceptional purity, AEM  is marketing SupALOXTM high purity alumina primarily to the manufacturers of synthetic sapphire for use in the emerging Micro-LED industry, and of ceramic coated separators for the electric vehicle lithium-ion battery industry, which represents the largest potential growth market for HPA in the coming decade.

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